Calorosa Cádiz

Calorosa Cádiz Cadiz - View from the top of the Torre Poniente (Cathedral) - Spain by Ruth L

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Cadiz, Spain - hot, claustrophobic, traditional, chilled, historic  I did not enjoy my time in Cadiz, as I personally felt that the city was too claustrophobic and culturally, being Andalucía, it is quite difficult being female and foreign - it's a male-centric, not very progressive part of Spain. My biggest problems were in getting to grips with the language after being out of practice for a few months, as well as the homesickness, isolation and loneliness I felt living in such a small place. However, although the city is a bit of a maze and Health and Safety seems to be practically non-existent, I felt the new town had a few things to do (cinema, bars, clubs etc). It also pushed me to go visit places outside of Cadiz, and from there it was easy to travel all around Andalucía and visit places such as Seville, Ronda and more - there’s a brilliant train service.

Useful local words: 'Hostia', 'buenas' (for 'buenas tardes/noches').

What not pack: Short skirts!

What to pack: A couple of your favourite books.

Couldn't have done without: A cheap local SIM card for the area.

Word of advice: Don't be surprised if you come across machismo, it's quite common in this part of Spain.

CH, French and Spanish, Newcastle University

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