Bubbly Barcelona

Bubbly Barcelona Mercat de la Boqueria by Bert K

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Barcelona, Spain - shabby-chic, welcoming, small, good cakeBarcelona is a massive city so there’s plenty to do. Raval was my favourite area and in particular a vegan café called 'Juicy Jones' who do a meal deal of €8.90, which is awesome. Despite the fact that you need a lot of money to fully enjoy Barcelona, there's still plenty you can do without it. Here the buildings are full of character and obviously the works by Gaudi are worth a look. Check out the port area while you’re there, but for nice beaches it's better to catch a train and, so doing, avoid the crowds. Being a big city it doesn't feel extremely safe but if you're vigilant it's fine - many people I knew there got robbed but thankfully this didn't happen to me. Treat your year abroad as the once in a life time experience it is.

Useful local words: If you're in Barcelona a small amount of Catalan is useful. ‘Despedida’- if you do an Erasmus exchange you will forever be going to these send offs.

What not to pack: Sunglasses, you can get them out here.

What to pack: T-shirts and summer clothes, as well as a few jumpers when it gets a bit chilly.

Couldn't have done without: My passport, computer and Skype for staying in touch.

Word of advice: The best site for finding accommodation in Barcelona is www.loquo.com and it’s definitely a good idea to take a trip out to your chosen destination to find a place to live BEFORE you arrive armed with all your stuff.

RJ, Hispanic Studies with Portuguese, Bristol University


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