Bumbling Brussels

Bumbling Brussels Grand Place Brussels by Vase Petrovski

This article was written by Nicoletta, published on 13th July 2010 and has been read 6317 times.

Brussels, Belgium - wet, cosmopolitan, multilingual, dirty, fun I worked in Brussels and had a really good time, the countryside around the capital is also really lovely, it's constantly got something to do so you won't get bored, but it's also quite relaxed compared to other capital cities, so it's not as overwhelming. Polish your beer-drinking skills and never, ever leave your umbrella at home... Check out the Eurotrash group on Facebook too, great nights and events organised by a group of young professionals :-)
Useful local words: 'Moules et frites', Delirium, Atomium.
What not to pack: Don't bother dressing up...
What to pack: Umbrella and sport equipment
Couldn't have done without: My laptop!

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