British Council Study Work Create Summary

British Council Study Work Create Summary

If you fancy improving your language skills, studying abroad as part of your degree or getting international industry experience on a work placement then British Council Study Work Create can help. British Council Study Work Create is the campaign to internationalise young people and young professionals in the UK through opportunities to study, work, volunteer, or develop your creativity abroad. There are long and short term programmes at home or abroad including work placements, internships, scholarships and community projects to get involved in. Check out some of their current opportunities below!

1. Erasmus+ Study Abroad

Are you at university and interested in spending 3 to 12 months studying in another European country? If so, Erasmus+ Study Abroad is the opportunity for you. Find out more.

2. Erasmus+ Joint Masters Degree

Have you successfully completed a first class degree, or a recognised equivalent level of education? By studying for an Erasmus+ Joint Masters Degree you’ll be expanding and proving your knowledge of a subject while benefitting from the international expertise on that subject. You’ll meet new people, you’ll improve your language skills, and a Masters qualification on your CV will further demonstrate your academic prowess and help you stand out. Find out more.

3. Study USA

Are you in full-time higher education at a Northern Irish university? Study USA has been running for over 20 years, and now has links with over 140 US institutions. Washington to Wisconsin, Nebraska to New Jersey there’s always something to suit you. Find out more.

4. Generation UK-India Study Placements

Spend 2-3 weeks studying at an Indian university over the summer. Generation UK-India has a range of courses available at 9 universities across India from international relations, social entrepreneurship and gender politics to yoga and cinema. Each course currently has between 20-50 places available. Find out more.

5. Generation UK-China Scholarships

Interested in studying Chinese language in the sub-tropical climate of Xiamen, or in one of the fastest developing cities in Asia, Shanghai? If so, there are seven different British Council Generation UK-China academic scholarship programmes to choose from, ranging from 5-11 months in length, and you can start in either September or February within the same academic year. Find out more.

6. English Language Assistants

Teach English in one of 14 countries as an English Language Assistant. You need an AS level or equivalent in the language of the country you wish to go to (except China where there is no language requirement). The programme is open to undergraduates and graduates. Find out more.

7. Erasmus+ Traineeships

Are you in Higher Education and interested in getting some work experience before applying for graduate jobs? If so, Erasmus+ Traineeships enable you to find work abroad for three to 12 months as part of your degree, which will help you to gain valuable international experience and look great on your CV! Find out more.

8. IAESTE Work Placements

With IAESTE Work Placements, students studying a science, engineering, technology or applied arts course can spend 6-52 weeks gaining real-work, salaried experience with top employers in over 80 countries. Applications are now open. Find out more.

9. Thailand English Teaching Programme

Work in a Thai school as an English Teaching Assistant on the Thailand English Teaching Programme and become an integral part of life in a Thai village or town! Find out more.

10. European Voluntary Service

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a fully-funded volunteering scheme, open to anyone between the ages of 18-30. There is a huge database of available projects: for instance, you could volunteer for a school, a hospital, an old-age home, a human rights charity, an environmental project, an anti-discrimination project, a European-awareness project… the list goes on. As long as you’re working for a voluntary organisation, the possibilities are endless! Find out more.

11. Generation UK - China Internships

Whether you’re looking to pick up an internship in accounting, architecture, engineering or just about any other industry, the British Council's Generation UK-China Internship programme can help provide funding for your trip and make sure you make the most of your internship experience in China. Find out more.

12. Generation UK-India Teaching Assistantships

Generation UK-India Assistantships will be available across India based in Indian private day and residential schools, and will last for two or five months, depending on your needs and the needs of the school you will be working at. Find out more.

13. Generation UK-India Work Placements

Join Tata Consultancy Services for a 12-month paid internship based in one of their offices across India in fields such as software development, global consulting, business process management and human resources, as part of Generation UK-India. Find out more.

For all these opportunities and more, please visit the British Council website and connect with Study Work Create on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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