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The seaside city nestled on the southern coast, Brighton is a hit with students and London commuters alike. The pebbled beach, with the quintessential rock sweets and fish and chip eateries, is enough to move even the most die-hard of sun aficionados; but its real pull is its place as the eternal British seaside resort. The houses are painted all different colours of the (pastel) rainbow, you can sip on tea and nibble on a piece of cake in one of its many hidden, kooky coffee shops, you can stroll about across the lanes, looking for original artwork, memorabilia and clothing, or you can take it easy sitting on the pebbled beach, admiring Brighton Pier.

Why should I choose Brighton for my year abroad?
The universities present in Brighton mean that the town offers much to do, relatively cheaply – which is why so many Londoners move to this seaside hub. In fact, over the years, it has acquired the colloquial nickname of ‘London-by-the-sea’, offering a more liberal, easy-going and generally happier alternative to its Northern daddy. The liberalism found here has attracted a vibrant nightlife, especially in Kempton – Brighton’s gay village. Here, you can make the most of the clubbing experience, with many locales open till the wee hours, as well as cafés and reputable restaurants.

You’ll find the town awash with art galleries, mostly of contemporary art; a few not to miss are Fabrica, the Lighthouse and the Grand Parade.  Jubilee Square is a great place for a pitstop – newly renovated in a modern style, you’ll find much in terms of entertainment and culture. Of course, you can’t afford to miss the architecture of the University of Sussex itself – 1960s with a twist, with some cool halls of residence resembling rabbit huts! Brighton is also well famed for its festival; make a date in the diary for the following selection: Brighton Festival, Brighton Festival Fringe, Brighton Pride – all of which bring music, good humour and a hefty amount of pop up drinking dens with them!

Speaking of watering holes, Brighton has a fair few pubs that cater to both students and locals. An old favourite being The King and Queen, with its medieval décor, brings in a young crowd day in, day out. Pub crawls are very common amongst the students – make sure you tag along at least once to find the right pub for you, and check out the endless cocktail bars! Eateries do not fail to tickle the tastebuds either – check out Bills Produce Store Café for some organic goodness, or Pablo’s for real pizza at decent prices. In terms of clubs, you’ve got your work cut out for you here as there are so many to choose from, but our top venue has to be Audio/Above Audio.

Brighton really is the jewel of the Southern coastline – you’ll find the alternative, colourful and welcoming atmosphere a good place to settle into! No wonder so many move here for good...

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