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A country that’s as famed for its football, women and nature reserves shouldn’t need much of an introduction to get the prospective year abroader hooked. For centuries, this Portuguese-speaking haven has been playing host to foreigners far and wide. Step into the Amazon for a look into the wild and the beautiful, get your skin caressed by the cool sea breeze as you make the most of the spectacular beaches on offer, go and party hard along the streets of Rio, Salvador or São Paulo, ride out some waves across the coastline of Florianopolis...There’s only one word for it: this place oozes sensuality. It can’t just be all those caipirinhas making you dizzy, there’s something about the air, the people and the ambiance here that make Brazil stand out, both topographically and figuratively. With so much land, the possibilities are endless for exploring, studying, partying and more... Read our insider's guide to Brazil Find out why you should choose Rio de Janeiro for your year abroad Case Study: Sabi goes to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro  
Why should I choose Brazil for my year abroad?
Whether you’re tempted by the song and dance round these parts, fancy letting loose in the variety of carnivals on offer, or would like to experience the Portuguese side of Latin America, Brazil is a dream destination for most. The fact that this country is the super power of South America, with business growing and good universities on show, you’d be mad to miss out on spending some time here. Though the prices are slightly higher than you’d expect from its geographic location, rest assured it is still cheaper than its European cousin, Portugal. The added bonus is that here, you’ll be part of an incredibly diverse and multicultural society, and enjoying all things that go with it; from the food, the music, the dancing, the art, Brazil offers a colourful canvas for anyone planning their year abroad. As well as an open culture, Brazilians are also known for their hospitality and good vibes; it’s not uncommon for a local to treat you like a member of their family, even after just a few days of having met you, which can only add to the feeling of homeliness here. Sure, things are more relaxed, people are a lot warmer than back home (in the many senses of the word), but this is part and parcel of the characteristics you’ll learn to love in this South American nation. It’s difficult to judge Brazil’s appeal on just the one facet (the gorgeous landscape, the picturesque beaches, warm climate, fun-loving locals); though these all contribute to its greatness, Brazil is more than that. It’s a country you can get lost in, whilst meeting some of the friendliest people on Earth, it’s patriotic without shunning other cultures, it’s up-and-coming, it’s artsy, it’s ballsy, it’s chilled out...It’s the place to be, not just for carnival, but for a few months at least...

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