Bordeaux Blog: Chapter 8

Bordeaux Blog: Chapter 8 Les Quais de Bordeaux by

This article was written by Ines Sordo, published on 22nd April 2011 and has been read 2386 times.

Going back to being a proper student, that’s it, i’m out of here and leaving on a jet plane (should you be lucky enough to get security clearance)Nothing says “I love you” like a dude clapping when the wind suddenly lifts your skirt up as you’re cycling by the riverside. Welcome to bdx. I must preface this post by adding that spontaneous public nudity is not all I’ve been up to this month, I have also been perfecting the art of tanning in the office. So hello, dear reader, I’m back in your normal little life with a slice of my normal little life! And as summer is starting to run its silky hands through my hair, the cold grip of the year abroad project keeps whispering sweet “you have to write those oh &!*$ 6000 words” into my ear.

I have recently taken to reminding myself that its going to feel so good when I finish, that getting my project done is a great idea, the year abroad student equivalent of anger management attendees flicking a rubber band on their wrist without the unsightly redness. But its ok, I have a plan. My plan being to forget that there is a world outside my house. Because I was very silly and had a whole lot of fun before now I have a highly unreal number of books to read and in order to get through them I have started doing ACTUAL work at the office (because scanning and binding aren’t actual jobs… just things you can do while you text) and stay every lunch time and every day after my hours are done to read. What I’m trying to say is that if you’re working during your year abroad studying and making notes and the such might take a bit to come back, so remember to push yourself face first into a book and simply not allow it out until it’s absorbed something, cause otherwise I can assure you life will not be pleasant. Also, if, like me, you choose to get down to doing real work very late in the game, make sure that the reasons that kept you away from it in the first place are good enough to tell your kids. And start thinking of how you’d describe a year abroad to kids who’ve never heard of it… we might be in danger of extinction.

All is not lost in my life however, for I have found the single best way to study, at the beach. Being a London student my natural book reading environment is filled with loud, angry, sometimes crazy, people and a whole lot of pollution. But here in the land of wine one has the beach at their disposition either a short drive or an equally short (and let face it, with gas prices these days equally expensive) train trek away! Sure, getting water and sand on your books is less than ideal but it sure beats the crap out of a library (no offence, realm of knowledge). And I can assure you that the minute I hand that damn thing in I’m slapping a bikini on and tanning the hell outta my writing-weary skin (which is actually possible cause I’m not English). And even if you don’t have the time or resources to go to the beach bdx offers a wealth of relaxing environments filled with sun for you to take your books to, and every patch of grass in this city looks inviting, from the jardin public to the intermittent patches of grass by the river you can stomp your lovely feet and angrily dig your biros into the grass anywhere you like!

While I was racking my brains in an attempt to give you A-grade content to read this month (anyone caught disagreeing with this statement will be sent to the naughty corner) it dawned on me that we must all be flying a decent amount more now that we did before, and so, since I have been an abroad student for 3 years now I thought I’d share my tried and tested airport tips with you!  While travelling is grand and swell and all that, flying has become rather the pain in the ass these days, from ridiculous security measures to unfriendly (at best) staff everyone in an airport is basically out to put you on a most-wanted list. The main way I get passed staff mood swings is to play the “how many people can I make smile” game, quite self-explanatory, I basically just say very enthusiastic hellos to everyone with a big ol’ smile on my face, and you’d be surprised how well it works! Either that or they get even grumpier at your joy… which in my world is a win-win situation really. My favourite tactic however is that of “I know my rights, please stop utilising power you don’t have”. It does involve being up-to-date on travel laws and travelers rights but NOTHING on EARTH feels better than when you catch that upitty security guard out and get to walk away head held high. Should none of the aforementioned suggestions be of your liking you always have the “other” box to tick, stick your ipod on loud and ignore the noisy, annoying, back-pack world around you until you’re at your destination, but if you do this you risk missing the occasional lol plane captain speech, just saying.

I’m a little sad to announce that this is my second-to-last blog as intern-extraordinaire during my year abroad. This does of course in no way mean that my next blog will come dressed in black, but I guess I’ll have to stop taking up space on this corner of TYA at some point, which of course makes me sadder than you… I read this every month. I’m sure I’ll manage going out with a bang though, don’t you worry about that (dear FBI, that’s a FIGURATIVE bang, promise). For now I will tell you that the cinema in French experience was repeated not long ago and I can now definitely say that it’s not the language but the film that ruined my first attempt, Harry Potter gets a no-no rating, but Rio, I’m glad to say, gets a good-enough-to-be-entertaining rating, regardless of the language.

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