Bordeaux Blog: Chapter 5

Bordeaux Blog: Chapter 5 L'intendant by Vincent Roussiere

This article was written by Ines Sordo, published on 17th January 2011 and has been read 3228 times.

What’s “Happy New Year” in French? It’d be a shame to fail so soon and getting off the couch for a change…Happy New Year person reading this! While I hope this year brings you all the luck you deserve and that this past New Years Eve brought you all the stories you were hoping for, this month comes with a shameful confession: Out of the 3 weeks between the last instalment and this one, 2 of them have been spent in Spain, making writing about Bdx somewhat more complicated. So please be warned that this month we shall talk on broader terms.

I missed bdx a little more than I expected while I was away. Call it that old French magic or family over-dose, either way by the time I had to get back I was dying to see this beautiful city again. Sadly though upon my return from my fantastic 2-week Spanish Christmas I realised that the christmas lights no-longer turned on at night, which robs bdx of no beauty whatsoever but, unkindly reminded me that the best time of the year is over for another 358 (change depending on when you’re reading, thanks) days. And as I returned to the place from whence baguettes come I realised that this whole responsibility thing is most definitely not your proverbial bike and remembering how to ride it.

Lets start with the basics. Getting up in the mornings. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am most definitely a night creature, or as a good friend once put it, a “racoon” (I add “good” friend because she’s known me long enough to earn the right to call me that, please don’t send me hate mail- I wont find it funny). So when I flew back to the nest my body clock immediately went back to 4am bedtimes and noon wake up calls, a schedule totally incompatible with a working week, as I found out last Monday. I also managed to forget what thinking practically for at least 7 hours a day feels like, granted the barrage of confectionary and champagne from the holidays may well not have helped, but I have now given chocolate up until right before the world ends (next year, right?) so all is well. My advice is to start setting your alarm clock BEFORE you go back to your country of year abroad destination and maybe do a few Sudoku’s on the plane to turn the brain on. Failing that get ready to be teased at the office, although that might just be my co-workers.

How many times did someone in your department remind you to “check your university email account on a regular basis” before you left? Well, trust me, not enough. I tried, cross my heart and hope to die, I tried, but roughly toward mid-December my account stopped receiving emails, which makes getting news very hard and sending it out even harder. Point is, now that I’ve gotten it fixed (let us not dwell on how long this took me) I have an ungodly amount of emails reminding me that pretty much everything I was supposed to be doing is late. So get your “I’m really sorry” caps on and your “oh dear god please still take my essays in” demeanour working cause they’re going to get a flexing. Or even better, don’t do what one humble blog writer has done and keep up with your hand-in dates, which will make your life incredibly easier. If you should choose to ignore this advice however, I’d just like to take one quick second to remind all UK universities that I am not legally responsible for any possible drop in academic standard amongst language students… In fact I think we will all know who to blame when this happens.

Because I’ve never been any good at new years resolutions I decided to stop fooling myself this year and not bother making one. I have however decided to make a “New half of year abroad resolution”. I’m going to strap myself into my sandals and socks and be a touch more touristy (please note sarcasm). I wont be taking the tiny tourist train (someone else can take THAT ONE for the team if they wish) but I am going to go to all the museumy stuff we have lying around here, for example we apparently house the national customs museum, and while this might not be heart-pumping stuff it is situated in the place de la bourse, so seeing the inside of one of those buildings is incentive enough for me! I also hope to take a gander around the musée des beaux arts, if only because as a French and Art History BA student it’s a touch shameful for me not to have done so already. I bet you’re already looking forward to this nerd-a-rific updating in the coming months.

So there you have it, a successful return to bordelaise routine on my part and the firm intention to be less rubbish at a whole bunch of things! Oh yes, and good luck and courage to anyone headed to a different country for this half of the year, just remember there should always be a pillow at hand to scream into. Be good and remember to stick to your resolutions until at least mid-February, so it looks like you REALLY tried.

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