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City of StudentsBordeaux is a city most commonly associated with good, full-bodied French wine, and impressive hôtels particuliers (mansions to you and me). Although this is understandably true, the city itself can blow its own trumpet about many more attractions; a thriving scene for theatre, music and art ensure this city packs a lot of punch.
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Why should I choose Bordeaux for my year abroad?

Book, food and flea markets spill out on the streets on a sunny Sunday, where you can pick up a dog-eared copy of Balzac, whilst getting some vintage gear and some slices of saucisson. Wine fanatics can brush up on their sipping and slurping skills visiting the surrounding vineyards; and if you feel you want to let your regal ego in for a treat, plan a trip to one of the many châteaux peppered around the city. But Bordeaux isn't just for the posh or privileged—whether you're studying, working or just chilling, Bordeaux's pazazz is really quite infectious indeed.

Bordeaux by nick_ayresClassic French entertainment rubs shoulders with more exotic foods, bars and clubs. La Belle Bordeaux offers particularly fine food, some pretty decent wine and a vibrant student nightlife—shimmy on down to Les Quais for a drink or two and a bit of a boogie. Liberal and easy-going, Bordeaux pulls in a mixed crowd of party-goers, from the shy to the exuberant, with a few hippies in between. Jazz bars, fine restaurants, Latin flavours and reggae venues open their doors to locals and visitors alike, ensuring you make the most of your time in this stress-free city. Just don't forget to pack your bottle opener...

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