Can't cook, won't cook: Student cookbooks

Can't cook, won't cook: Student cookbooks Student Cooking by anshu_si

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Armed with a saucepan, a couple of wooden spoons and a knife, you’ve entered Studentsville and are ready to tackle those greens in the fridge, in the distant hope of making something mildly comestible. Student eating is typically thought to consist of baked beans, bacon and brown bread (there goes the fibre intake) as early 20 somethings fly the nest sans cooking skills. Why not invest in a cookery book to help tackle a tight budget whilst keeping healthy? Here’s our list of the best books around:

1) The Ultimate Student Cookbook by Fiona Beckett

Less than a tenner and backed by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, you know this can only lead to marvellous things in the kitchen - and from what we’ve seen and tested, there isn’t any nitrogen in sight. With recipes involving all sorts of cooking techniques, from stove to oven to microwave to barbecue, The Ultimate Student Cookbookoffers a thorough alternative to pasta, toast and such like.

2) Good Housekeeping’s Family Meals for a Fiver!

A brilliant book for those yearning for Mum’s cooking, on a budget. A whole hoard of recipes ranging from classic British dishes (Shepherd’s Pie) to international cuisine, Family Meals for a Fivergives a good insight for students looking to impress their roommates, on a tight budget. With added extras, such as what to do with leftovers and create even more finger-licking goodies, investing in one of these should be at the top of any student’s uni must-haves.

3) Sorted - A Recipe for Student Survival: Student Cookbook by Ben Ebbrell

With recommendations from the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Ainsley Harriot and The Times, this book has got to be a winner. A group of university friends gathered their thoughts, errors and fail-safe tricks to bring this tome to life. With great pictures, advice on healthy eating, tips to suit the most idle of student cooks, "Sorted - A Recipe for Student Survival"is worth every penny.

4) Nosh 4 Students: A Fun Student Cookbook by Joy May

Written by a doting father for his Fresher son, this book is really easy to use; so much so in fact, you won’t even need any measuring instruments: a mug, teaspoon and tablespoon are the only utensils required. With over half the recipes suitable for the vegetarian palate (and the extras offering vegetarian alternatives), Nosh 4 Studentsis enjoyed by many students across the country and with good reason!

5) Eat Vegetarian by Sam Stern

A useful book for anyone trying to eat vegetarian meals on a student budget, with plenty of inspiring recipes for all sorts of cooks, from the experienced to complete beginners. For carnivores, Eat Vegetarianoffers the chance to look beyond the rib-eye steak, when in need of tightening the purse strings. A fantastic buy for anyone looking to cook inexpensive vegetables with a bit of flair and originality.

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