The best apps for year abroad students

The best apps for year abroad students Smartphones abroad by Mr T. in DC

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 25th February 2011 and has been read 18088 times.

As more and more students bring their smartphones with them on their year abroad, getting the right apps to help you out on your time away seems like the natural step forward. Here’s our tried and tested list of some of the best apps out on the market:

1) Google Maps

Whether you’re looking to locate your friends, spot the best bars within walking distance or just want to get a rough idea of where you are in the world, Google Maps allows you to find your bearings worldwide - a travel essential.

2) Word Reference

Get the best online translating dictionary straight to your phone, read forum posts, get idioms and expressions right, and lots more with this fantastic mini-version of the great site, and the best part? It’s free. Bargain.

3) Voice Memos Recorder

Getting hold of this app isn’t just for those inclined to the odd bout of egotism; whether you’re recording your own voice or your octogenarian neighbour’s, put accent, intonation and stress to good use. Fast, often repetitive and maybe not always exciting, yet a true resource to make sure your accent and pronunciation come up trumps over the year.

4) Twitter

Come on now, this had to go on the list as TYA’s founder will chirp...Whether you’re following Lizzie to hear about the latest student happenings and best tips for your year abroad, or you fancy joining up for pure ranting reasons, you’ll be sure to find like-minded people with similar interests, day to day. It’s also a great platform to keep in touch with your university, friends and family, all in real time.

5) Flight Status

Getting hold of the Flight Status app enables you and your family to track your flight/connecting flights and get last-minute updates from over 4,000 airports across the globe. Useful if you’re worried about whether your flight’s been cancelled or delayed, and you want to warn any friends and family of your whereabouts.

6) XE Currency Converter

Download this app and get an accurate idea of where your pounds/dollars/euros or pesos will take you...Available on Blackberry and Iphone phones.

7) Skype

Get Skype on your phone and, as long as your friend/family member also has it set up on their computer or mobile device, you can chat for hours on end for free! A real life-saver, when you’re strapped for cash abroad. Additionally, the service also offers discounted calls and texts, should your addressee not have access to it, so that you can get call landlines or text.

8) Kayak

Never has a travel app been so useful and up to date. If you’re looking to book something cheap, be it hotels, flights or cars - this is the big cheese of the travelling world. Searching over hundreds of carriers/hotels, you’ll get the best deal, straight to your phone!

9) Wifi Finder

No need to fret about where to plonk yourself and your trusty laptop to reach a decent source of wireless internet - this app tells you exactly where the hotspots are across the globe.

10) Smart Trip

This brilliant app has it all, in neatly categorised formats. You can find out about the cheapest travel deals, health tips, information about travelling within your country of choice, and loads more. No wonder it’s had so many hits: it’s like a neatly packaged app to..ahem..make your trip smarter? Well, maybe not smarter, but definitely a lot easier.

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