Small but friendly Belmonte

El Castillo de Belmonte by .Bambo.

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Belmonte, Spain - small, convenient, diverse, warm, Spanish  The good thing about going somewhere quite small is that you make friends really quickly, as everyone knows each other! If anything, living and working in a small place really shows you what working life is like in Spain, you get to know your co-workers better and you get to see what life is like as a local. The Castilla-la-Mancha region has good transport links close to Madrid, so I used to go there quite often to get some culture and city nights out during my time away. And from Madrid, you can pretty much go anywhere, so I was always busy!  I visited Salamanca, Toledo, Sevilla, Madrid, Cuenca, Albacete, Barcelona, Granada and Valencia while I was there.  Don't be scared about your year abroad - do exactly what you want to do; it’s the best year of your life and you deserve to make the most of it! Travel, speak the lingo and you'll make friends for life!!

Useful local words: 'Tío', 'hombre', 'no me jodes'.

What not to pack: Too many jumpers.

What to pack: Your student card.

Couldn’t have done without: Adaptors, photos and jars of cooking sauces!!

Word of advice: Don't judge a book by its cover - I really enjoyed my time there because I give things a chance!

JV, French and Spanish, Newcastle University


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