Becoming Berlin

Becoming Berlin Berlin Cathedral by Andrew Mason

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 6th June 2010 and has been read 4241 times.

Berlin, Germany - exciting, friendly, alternative, beautiful, green  My year abroad was a fantastic and more-than-worthwhile experience; there is just so much on offer in Berlin and always something new to do.  I met some great people there thanks to a really good language assistantship network - I'd really recommend it as you make friends really quickly. Berlin's also quite a friendly city with loads of places to go socialise. Definitely tell others to go!

Useful local words: ‘Kiez’, ‘geil’, ‘kein bock haben’.

What not to pack: So many clothes and books.

What to pack: A sleeping bag.

Couldn't have done without: My Skype headset and camera.

Couldn't have done without: I had serious financial issues on arrival, so try to have some money reserved as you won't get paid for at least a month and will have a lot of out-goings initially.

HR, French and German, Bristol University


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