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Become a Mole! Become a Mole! by PracticalOwl

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Do you have the grit to become a Mole? Can you dig deep and unearth year abroad secrets about your destination?  Then you're just who we're looking for!

Write an in-depth review about your year abroad city, send it to [email protected] and you'll see it featured on the site! 

If you're a member of Global Graduates, you'll be able to click your name (under your article's title) and see all of your contributions on one page - it's really useful for your CV...

The Dream Mole Diary 
Your review needs to contain all the information you WISH you'd been told before/when you arrived! Please write under headings like: finding accommodation, what to pack, useful websites, unmissable places, extra courses, getting around town... Online readers love lists! A 'Top Ten' (places to explore, things to try...) for your destination would be brilliant. If you're wondering how long it should be - we don't mind! But please check out our existing Mole Diaries for inspiration. 

Please start with a couple of lines about you - what and where you're studying, what you're doing (or did) abroad and how you chose your destination - it'll help set the scene! Thank you - we look forward to hearing from you! :)

Want a different way to contribute? (We have loads...) Write an article about your time away, passing on your advice, help prepare others for the culture shock, or get in touch and find out about other ways to get involved! Thank you so much!

Our Mole Diaries are insider city guides written by students about their experiences, filled with top tips and recommendations. Please view our 200+ Mole Diaries arranged by language, and if you'd like to contribute, do find out more about becoming a Mole!

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