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The country once made famous by musical delights such as Mozart and Maria, is not only a land of yodelling and white-peaked mountains. Whether it's the architecture of Salzburg and Vienna, the hip and studenty town of Linz or nature escapades from Spittal, Austria is a brilliant choice of country for you German speakers. Culture Shock in Austria Find out more about what Austria is really like from students who've been there, done that! Check out an insider guide to Vienna... ...and one to Graz! If you're planning on travelling, here are some quick trips you can make from Vienna

Why should I choose Austria for my year abroad?
Graced with stunning mountains and tranquil lakes, with traditional towns scattered around the country and rather glitzy and cosmopolitan cultural hubs, this country is packed with things to do, people to see and natural habitats to explore.

Austria by flickrphotoYou can snowboard across the Alps till your legs fall off, sip on some rich hot chocolate in Salzburg whilst taking in the beauty of Mozart's home town, or witness the intermingling of classical glamour with new town glory in Vienna. Small but feisty, this country is a fistful of culture, coolness and kudos.

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