As-You-Go year abroad keepsake idea

As-You-Go year abroad keepsake idea by Martha Stewart

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It is so important to document your year abroad: take photos, write a blog or a journal, make a photobook, draw or even film what you get up to - you definitely won't regret it. But one thing you will do naturally, almost without noticing, is collect bits and pieces; from postcards and tickets to maps and ideas on a napkin. Rather than sorting through all of your memorabilia after your year abroad, why not create a keepsake as you go?
Buy a hole punch (and plastic hole reinforcers) and a loose-leaf ring to string together maps, postcards, souvenirs and other bits and pieces you collect on your adventures. When you get home, make a cover by affixing a sticker to the front and rubber-stamping a title on top.

What a great crafty tip from DIY Queen, Martha Stewart!

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