What to do when you arrive in Austria

What to do when you arrive in Austria Tirol Bike Trail by TRAILSOURCE.COM

This article was written by Antonia Storey, published on 24th January 2011 and has been read 13332 times.

On arrival in Austria the first thing you will probably want to do is run down a mountain singing "the hiiiiiiiiiills are aliiiiiiive" but there are a few administrative issues you should attend to as quickly as possible.

1. Anmelden
You have to anmelden (register) with the Meldeamt in your town within three days of moving into your new address in Austria.  You can pick up the form there or you can download it.  You will need to get it signed by your landlord before you go and take your passport with you!

2. Anmeldebescheinigung
This is a registration certificate and you need to get this within three months of moving to Austria. I forgot and got a visit from the police to remind me to do it so I would recommend not forgetting if you don’t want the shock of your life come January... You need to visit your local Bezirksverwaltungsbehörde and take the following information with you:

  • A completed Antragsformular 
  • Your school/work contract 
  • Your address in Austria 
  • Proof of your health insurance (the e-card in Austria) 
  • The Meldezettel you got within the first three days 
  • Your passport and a photocopy of it

This should cost around €15 and a few hours of your time so take a reading book and be prepared to push and shove because the other people in the queue certainly will!

3. Gehaltskonto
You will need to open a bank account as quickly as possible if you’re going to be working so that you can hand over the details at your place of work. Sparkasse is usually the recommended bank as they will give you a bank card right away.  I was with the Hypo Tirol Bank and they made me wait three months for a card I could use at a cash machine so I wouldn’t recommend them at all! Take along your passport, work contract and proof of your new address (eg. the Meldezettel).

4. Phone
Buying an Austrian SIM card will save you a fortune once you start making Austrian friends and they are cheap and easy to pick up. The recommended network is bob but tele.ring is just as good. A1 is the most expensive so maybe try to avoid them if you can. Take an unlocked mobile phone from home with you to save some cash too!

5. TV/Radio licence
In Austria you need a licence for a radio as well as a television. Get more information on applying for a Rundfunkbewilligung.

6. VORTEILScard <26
This is the student railcard equivalent and is a must have. Apply at the nearest Hauptbahnhof with a completed form, a passport photo and for €19.90 for the year you will receive 50% off all your journeys.

7. Abmelden
When you leave, remember to Abmelden within three days of moving out of your address!

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