Adorable Albertville

Adorable Albertville Annecy by Emerging Birder

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 10th May 2011 and has been read 16237 times.

Naomi spent her year abroad in Albertville, France. Read on as she fills the year abroad blanks...
My name is: Naomi

I'm studying: Single Hons French

For my year abroad I went to: Albertville, France

While I was there I: I taught English in Primary schools.

Five words to describe my year away are: Challenging but rewarding and FUN!

My top tips for anyone going there are: To know that the first weeks will be the hardest - but after you find your feet, you’ll realise you've been placed in the most beautiful area of France. so get out there and enjoy it! Buy yourself (or bring) a bike - it's easier to get around that way, especially in the summer.

The cleverest people find accommodation: On and preferably with French people.

Don't leave without: Plenty of English food - it's scarce around here!

The best night out is: Not here...You have to go to Chambéry really.

When your parents visit: Go to Annecy (40 mins away by car) - or walk up to Conflans (the Medieval part of the town).

My favourite lunch place: the yellow boulangerie. You can't miss it here.

My best place for a hot date: not McDonalds - although it's where all the French kids go.

On a Sunday: go skiing in the winter or go walking in the summer.

The most useful website I found was: for accommodation.

If you want to fit in quickly, you should: get someone to take you skiing.

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