Awesome Ajaccio and Cool Cologne

Awesome Ajaccio and Cool Cologne Ajaccio by FireFighter1307

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 12th May 2011 and has been read 7351 times.

Melissa spent her year abroad in Corsica and Germany. Read on as she fills the year abroad blanks...
My name is: Melissa

I'm studying:
French and German

For my year abroad I went to:
Cologne from August - March; Ajaccio, Corsica from March - at least July, but who knows!!

While I was there I:
I did a work placement in Sales and Translation in Germany and a work placement in Translation and Marketing in Corsica.

Five words to describe my year away are:
Best. Time. Of. My. Life.

My top tips for anyone going there are:
Firstly, save up before hand because you WILL spend lots of money on visiting different places, public transport, flights, trying new things (sports, food, drink etc). Try to find accommodation with locals, you will learn so much from them!!! Although it might be hard at the start DO NOT give in to temptation and speak English (especially in Germany as they can be quite persistent). Even if you make mistakes it doesn't matter :) Use Skype to stay in touch with people back home. Always carry your passport and insurance details as you will most likely need them! Enjoy it, because it passes by too quickly!

The cleverest people find accommodation:
By searching and searching and searching and not giving up.   

Don't leave without:
Having a leaving party or adapter plugs! It is frustrating when you take 2 but your ipod docking station is in one and you have to juggle the hairdryer and phone charger and whatever else. It is not
sooo easy to find English>Europe plugs so come prepared!

The best night out is:
Anywhere at Zuelpicher Platz or Ehrenfeld in Cologne and at any of the bars along the water front in Ajaccio.

When your parents visit:
Get them to bring lots of things you miss and clothes you couldn't fit in/didn't realise you'd need and visit all the best places, not just for tourists but where all the locals are too, they'll appreciate
seeing what the people there are REALLY like :)

My favourite lunch place:
On the beach (in Ajaccio).

My best place for a hot date:
The Christmas markets in Cologne, nice and cosy with a Gluehwein.

On a Sunday:
Be prepared for nothing to be open! Go to Oscar's (in Cologne) for brunch or to the beach or the Place de Gaulle in Ajaccio.

The most useful website I found was: and

If you want to fit in quickly, you should:
Ride a bike in Cologne, wear winter clothes at 22 degrees in Corsica, and just speak as much as you can to people and smile :D

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