Accommodation in Salamanca

Accommodation in Salamanca Sunbathing in Salamanca by Jcl

This article was written by Philippa Mann, published on 18th December 2009 and has been read 6604 times.

Salamanca is set out with a big circular road around the centre, and then there are the outskirts. I'd recommend living inside this circle, just because it is easy to get to university and nightlife! The circle is only about 15 minutes' walk from one side to the other - everything is extremely close!

There are a few different ways to find a flat. Tearing numbers off flyers in telephone boxes works really well. There is a website run by the university, but I found this to be out-dated really quickly. There really is no rush finding a place to live. 

Here are some websites which might come in handy:

Prices should be between €150-270/month, hopefully with €250 having bills included. 

A tip: When ringing, don't call between 2-4pm (siesta time), and when you get through just say "Hi, I'm ringing about the apartment advertised, where is it?" Don't pause for them to say 'hi' back.

By far the most difficult part of the whole Year Abroad is speaking on telephone when you get here, but don't worry! If I managed to get sorted with "hola" and "piso", I am sure that anyone can do it!

Another good thing to remember is that, in the unlikely event of not getting along with your housemates, it is unbelievably easy to move between houses in Spain. It is much more difficult to do so in England.

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