A-Z of a year abroad in Granada

This article was written by Chloë Rose, published on 3rd August 2015 and has been read 2503 times.

Chloë Rose studies English Literature and Hispanic Studies BA at the University of Birmingham and has just come back from studying in Granada. Inspired by our article on using your blog to reflect on your year abroad, Chloë put together an A-Z of her year abroad!

A is for Anticipation, and just how afraid I was this time last year.

B is for Bohemia! Cafe Bohemia that is…

C is for that crazy lady who followed us up a mountain, no biggie. Read more here.

D is for Dasoul and getting to see him perform live in an outdoor club! El no te da!

E is for El Camborio, obviously.

F is for Federico, the landlord from hell. You’d think a landlord might actually answer his emails!

G is for Grandma, she’s really quite fat. (Did anyone else have this book??) But seriously, G is for Granada, my home away from home.

H is for Hammam Arabic Baths. €25 for students and the most relaxing experience. If you’re not awkward like me, that is. Read more here.

I is for IBIZAAAAA. Or as we call it lovingly: BEEFA. The best week of my year, my total highlight. Read more here.

J is for joining in with group activities… which I'm still not very good at.

K is for keeping in touch. Thank goodness for FaceTime!

L is for long journeys, like travelling 12 hours by coach to Barcelona. Read more here.   

M is for Marrakech! If you’re in Spain for a year and you don’t go to Morocco, are you really doing it properly? Read more here.

N is for Norma y Uso, a.k.a. the worst class I’ve ever taken in my life. I’m certainly not surprised I failed and I don’t think anyone else is either.

O is for once in a lifetime experience.

P is for Plaza Einstein, perfect for tapas, not so perfect for meeting people, since it’s not actually a square.

Q is for queuing… or just giving up on it after a year!

R is for reading in the park whilst trying to top up the tan.

S is for Smooy. One a day keeps the doctor away.

T is for Tapas. Granada is the only place in the country that still gives out food with every drink you buy. What are you waiting for?

U is for University of Granada and all its disorganisation!

V is for vale, or the only word necessary to get someone off your back.

W is for walking everywhere and seeing everything.

X is for XXXX (or my code in my notes for when I had no idea what the lecturer had said!!)

Y is for a year in your life, or your life in a year?

Z is for Zero regrets.

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