5 things I LOVE about Italy

5 things I LOVE about Italy by ho visto nina volare

This article was written by Emily Orford, published on 21st December 2015 and has been read 3486 times.

Emily Orford is studying Spanish and Italian at the University of Exeter, and is currently in Modena, Italy, working for Giorgio Armani on her year abroad. She says, "3 months into my year abroad and I have to say that Italy is fast becoming my favourite country ever; who knows if I will even be able to force myself to leave in 2 months' time?! These are my top five reasons why I have fallen in love with bella Italia..."

1. Italian people are generally a lot friendlier than your average Brit.
Whether you’re on the bus or walking down the street, it’s more than likely that someone will try and start a conversation with you. This is definitely a country where your personal space is never considered; but that’s where the fun begins! With such friendly greetings and bubbly personalities you can really come out of your comfort zone here in Italy.

2. The food is to die for.
So everyone’s heard of the infamous ‘spag bol’ and ‘caesar salad’ but these dishes are really and truly blown out of the water when you taste authentic Italian cuisine. I’ll have you know that ‘spag bol’ isn’t even a real Italian dish!! Italian’s take their cooking very seriously and you will never look at food the same way again once you’ve experienced more than one dinner made by an Italian.

3. You can RELAX.
“Chi va piano va sano e va lontano” - Slow and steady wins the race. This motto really is how people tend to live their lives here and I am certain this is why they have such a good life expectancy (on top of all that olive oil they consume)! No one is ever in a hurry nor do they ever pester you to come to a decision about your order in a restaurant; you can take your time. No one will get angry at you about it, I promise!

4. Every city is beautiful in its own way.
The architecture and culture that is confined within the Italian borders is absolutely astonishing. From the Colosseum in Rome to the Duomo in Modena, each city holds its own personal story. Every region in Italy even has its own signature dish and this is just more of a reason to travel as much as possible whilst you’re here!

5. It truly has the most romantic language.
So, I guess this is inevitably down to personal preference but the Italian language is considered by many to be the most romantic language in the entire world. If it isn’t for the multiple ways in which you can confess your love for someone, then it definitely has to be for the amount of hand gestures they use! (See below...) The Italian language really comes to life with all of the animation that is added to it and this makes it a lot more fun to learn and to speak!

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