5 things I love about Forlì so far

5 things I love about Forlì so far by cepatri55

This article was written by Emily Maybanks from Swansea University, published on 1st December 2015 and has been read 4312 times.

Emily is studying Translation with French and Italian at Swansea University, and is spending the first semester of her year abroad at the Università di Bologna in Forl, Italy. Here are five things she loves about living there...

It’s hard to believe that I have been living in Forlì for almost six weeks now. I thought it was about time I shared some of the things I love about Forlì so far.

1. The parks

In Forlì, there are some lovely parks, of which I have been to two. One is really big and full of cute little rabbits. The smaller one which I’ve been to has cages with multi-coloured birds and a pond with tortoises. Both parks seem like fab places to take a notebook and a pen to do some writing, which I will do at least once throughout my time in Forlì.

2. Conad

There’s a big shopping centre in Forlì in which there is a huge supermarket called Conad which sells nearly EVERYTHING at really reasonable prices. I would recommend it, even though it’s a fifteen minute bus ride from the main area of Forlì.

3. Piazza Saffi

Piazza Saffi is the main square in Forlì and it looks amazing no matter what the weather is doing. There’s a pizzeria on Piazza Saffi which is brilliant as well as a café which sells the some of the best ice cream I have had since coming to Italy.

4. The tiny buses

In Forlì, there seem to be the tiniest buses I have ever seen in my life. They seat only eight people and they’re the quirkiest vehicles I have ever encountered. I took a ride on one and it was an amusing experience just because the bus was so small.

5. The view from my balcony

Living on the top floor of a block of flats has its perks. The main one being that the view from the balcony is amazing. I can see the rooftops of most of Forlì and in the distance when it’s not raining, I can see mountains. Sometimes, I love taking a few minutes each day to just sit on the balcony and enjoy the view.

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