5 reasons to work for the EU

5 reasons to work for the EU

This article was written by Jackie Minor, published on 1st April 2015 and has been read 9106 times.

So you know how to apply for a role at an EU institution, but are still not sure why you should. Don't let us try to persuade you; instead, here are Head of Representation Jackie Minor's 5 reasons why the EU institutions are a great place to work!

1. They provide a good overall employment package
As well as a generous salary, EU employees are entitled to flexible working hours and good parental leave. Translation: work for the EU and you actually have time for a personal life!

2. The multicultural atmosphere
Working for an EU institution means that you will be working alongside people from all over the EU member states, creating a uniquely exciting multilingual and multicultural atmosphere. Not only will you end up with friends and colleagues from a whole range of countries, but you'll also have your assumptions about the world challenged on a daily basis.

3. Lots of responsibility early on in your career
Don't expect to spend your first six months making tea - new EU employees will be challenged! Within four or five months you could be drafting a proposal and appearing in front of a parliamentary committee to defend it. 

4. Opportunities for travel
If you work for the EU, travel is a guaranteed part of the job! As well as working in Brussels and/or Luxembourg, part of every official's job is to travel to EU countries in order to meet stakeholders and listen to their concerns.

5. You get several careers in one
Once you have a job with an EU institution, it's perfectly possible (and even encouraged) to move into a completely different field. For example, a worker hired to do a legal job could move into HR or Policy. Plus, there's no time limit: you can switch careers five, ten or even fifteen years down the road. 

As they say, the EU gives you both a job for life and a lifetime of different jobs!

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