5 Photos: My Year Abroad at the University of North Carolina

5 Photos: My Year Abroad at the University of North Carolina by captainkimo

This article was written by Zoe Fitzgerald, published on 5th March 2015 and has been read 3284 times.

Zoe Fitzgerald studies BSc Geography at King's College London and spent a year abroad at UNC Chapel Hill. Here she sums up her time in the USA in five photos...

1. Suitemates


The people I lived with really made my year abroad. Through travelling around the East Coast and spending pretty much all our time together we became really close friends. This photo is from Halloween which is a huge deal at UNC and so much fun.

2. Basketball


Before I went the UNC I didn’t know the first thing about basketball. However, it’s pretty hard to avoid when you’re there and after going to most of the games I became a big fan. The atmosphere at the games was incredible and totally different to any sporting event in the UK.

3. Campus

campus This was the road I walked every day for class. Being on a campus was a nice change from London, and I really enjoyed being able to walk everywhere and being surrounded by other students.

4. Food


The food in North Carolina was both amazing and awful. Deep fried Oreos were an interesting experience, and if you don’t like Oreos you can have deep fried pie, pickles, broccoli or Kool-Aid!

5. Travelling

travelling This view made up most of my travels as we drove everywhere. 12-hour long bus trips and car drives somehow ended up being kind of fun, and were definitely worth it.

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