10 tall tales to tell non-Brits about the UK

10 tall tales to tell non-Brits about the UK by defenceimages

This article was written by Global Graduates, published on 1st April 2015 and has been read 5240 times.

Every year abroad student is used to feeling like a fish out of water in a strange country, but for one day only we unashamedly encourage you to turn the tables by 'educating' your foreign friends on the ins and outs of British culture.

1. It’s considered polite to introduce yourself to the people sitting next to and opposite you on the tube.

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2. Queue jumping is a finable offence.

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3. The announcements on the London Underground are all recorded by members of the British Royal Family.

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4. There’s an ancient law that forbids British citizens to dislike tea.

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5. 31st July is National Harry Potter Day.


6. The village of Midsomer is the most dangerous place on Earth.

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7. The Daily Mail is an avant-garde piece of satire.

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8. Employers are legally obliged to allow their employees to spend at least 2 hours outdoors on sunny days.

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9. Saying 'sorry' is outdated and only done in very polite society.

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10. If you’re quick enough to catch a pigeon in London, you can claim a £20 reward.


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