10 signs you're suffering from reverse culture shock

10 signs you're suffering from reverse culture shock by quinnanya

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You've probably heard of it, even if you're not quite sure what it means. But, if you recognise one or more of the symptoms below, you're almost certainly suffering from it. Welcome to the miserable world of reverse culture shock...

1. You ugly-cried shamelessly on the plane home. 

gif ugly cry 

2. You spend half the time complaining about the UK (the weather, the food, the people)...

gif the worst 

3. ... and the other half talking lovingly about your year abroad location so much that your UK friends are starting to avoid you.

gif bla bla

4. But that's ok, because you only want to hang out with your year abroad friends and reminisce about the golden days.

gif I need you 

5. You keep accidentally starting sentences in the wrong language...

gif oops 

6. ... whilst making basic grammatical errors in English.

gif what

7.  You have foreign food cravings that no amount of bangers and mash can solve.


8. The only thing that helps your bad mood is googling 'cheap flights to [insert year abroad destination here]'.

gif typing 

9. You get embarrassingly excited when you hear people speaking the language/with the accent of your year abroad country on public transport.

gif OMG 

10. You count down the days until your final exams are over and you can move back.

gif sigh

Sounds like you? Don't panic, it happens to the best of us.

This too will pass. Eventually.

gif are you crying

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