10 benefits of having a foreign lover on a year abroad

10 benefits of having a foreign lover on a year abroad by From The Lizzie McGuire Movie

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Heading out on a year abroad as a singleton? Here's why you should ditch the Erasmus lot and get mingling with the locals. 

1. Each date doubles up as a tour of the best places to eat, drink and be merry.

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2. The three magic words: enforced language practice. They may even find your errors endearing...

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3. ... while you can mock them mercilessly for their terrible attempts at English. Hours of fun.

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4. You'll gain street cred with your friends back home...

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5. ... while your year abroad friends will be begging you to play matchmaker with all his/her mates.

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6. You'll gain an extra family abroad (aka home cooked dinners, countryside escapes and backup when your landlord tries to con you out of your deposit).

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7. It's a quick passport to acceptance into a local friendship group.

Relationships 9 8. You'll get the insider perspective on all the crazy local traditions and cultural events.

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9. They might have transport. Use them shamelessly for their vehicle. 

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10. Sweet nothings sound ten times better when whispered in a foreign language. 

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And if none of that was enough to convince you, remember this: if it all goes to pot in a couple of months, you have a bonafide reason to get out of there and never call them again. 

You're welcome.

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